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Ground Blocks

Ground Blocks

Ceramic Ground Blocks are customizable conductive shims ideal for application within micro-assemblies in both optical and microwave industries.



  • Customizable size, thickness and metallization layers.
  • Low impedance at high frequencies.
  • Prevents creep-up of solder and epoxy.
  • Orientation recognizable at a glance.


  • Height matching to reduce length of wire bonds.
  • Conductive shims used for creating bonding pads.

Design Guide

Please contact us for other sizes and metallization schemes

Key to Part Numbers

(1) Series
TGB:Tecdia Ground Block

(2) Length
025:0.25 mm
040:0.40 mm
200:2.00 mm

(3) Width
013:0.13 mm
025:0.25 mm
200:2.00 mm

(4) Thickness
008:0.08 mm
025:0.25 mm
063:0.63 mm

(5) Packaging
-B: Blue Tape
Blank:Waffle Pack

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