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IRC™ Integrated Resistor-Capacitor

IRC™ Integrated Resistor-Capacitor

By combining and integrating a capacitor and a resistor on a single ceramic chip made with Tecdia’s Class IV (K=16,000) dielectric material, we help you economize space within your devices and reduce component count.
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  • Less parts to buy and install.
  • Less circuit space used, and a connection eliminated, with improved reliability and quicker installation
  • Good temperature characteristics 〔TCC=X7S(±22%)、TCR=-100±50ppm/°C〕
  • High withstanding (breakdown) voltage
  • Solderable chip mounting

Design Visual




Key to Part Numbers

ps_cp_rc_contents_05 (1) Product code for IRC (2) Chip Size code 03: 0.63×0.63mm 04: 0.76×0.76mm 05: 0.88×0.88mm 06: 1.00×1.00mm 64: 1.00×0.76mm 65: 1.00×0.88mm (3) Design Type A: Type A (4) Nominal Capacitance code 221: 220pF 271: 270pF (5) Capacitance Tolerance code M: ±20% Z: 20%/+80% V: -0%/+100% (6) Dielectric Material code 10: K=16,000(X7S) (7) Ceramic Surface Finish code A: As Fired (8) Thickness code 1: 0.25mm (9) Nominal Resistance code 500: 50Ω 101: 100Ω 201: 200Ω (10) Resistance code (11)Resistance Tolerance code K: ±10% M: ±10%

Product List

Thickness:0.254±0.025mm ps_cp_rc_contents_06_2 This product is manufactured based on ALTAS® Ultra Hi-K SLC technologies.
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