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Ceramic products for high-frequency and optical devices

We use advanced manufacturing technologies to make ideal single layer chip capacitors and thin film substrates. Our high capacitance single layer chip capacitors are especially valued in the market.

Precision Machined Products

Our development, design, and manufacture of jigs and fixtures for use in semiconductor manufacturing processes are supported by our backbone of solid experience and skill in machining technologies. Exceptionally high precision dispensing nozzles are a flagship product line.

Diamond products

We make top of the line industrial tools for precision scribing of hard surfaces using diamonds. Our extensive experience and unique expertise in diamond tool technologies allow us to customize products to your needs.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Tecdia’s engineering expertise and manufacturing skill produce scribing and braking machines for semiconductor wafer dicing that are unmatched in the industry.

Microwave technologies products

We produce a variety of components and devices for manufacturers/testers of microwave products that range from cost effective dc bias regulators to state-of-the-art solutions, such as our world renowned high current, broadband bias-t units.

Oursourcing work

We specialize in contract manufacturing of semiconductor products, including assembly work for optical communications devices. We use our large-scale production bases in the Philippines in order to provide you with the best cost performance.

Latest News

(March 5, 2014) Tecdia is proud to release a new webpage with details regarding our new high performance ceramic substrate line, code named HCT. HCT offers engineers unparalleled design flexibility and extremely tight tolerances. Please visit the below website for details.
(June 3-5, 2014) Tecdia will be exhibiting at the 2014 MTTS International Microwave Symposium held in the Tampa Convention Center located in Tampa Bay, Florida. We will be showcasing our new Hybrid Ceramic Technologies (HCT), Single Layer Chip Capacitors and other microwave products. Please visit us at Booth 1818!
(Jun 1, 2013) To expand our service, Tecdia Japan Headquarters has moved to new location at 4-3-4 Shibaura, Minato-ku Tokyo.
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